The Defined Benefit Plan is an IRS pre-approved
retirement plan for high-income earners.

Accelerate Your Tax Deductible Retirement Savings!

Are you ready to put away more money
than ever for your retirement?

You can.

With a Defined Benefit Plan, an IRS pre-approved retirement plan for independent professionals,
consultants, and small business owners.

Huge tax savings. Big leaps forward
for your retirement.

Change your retirement game plan.

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It may seem too good to be true, but it is, in fact, true. There is an IRS pre-approved retirement plan for certain high-income earners. If you qualify, you can save an unlimited amount each year. Save more. Pay less taxes now. Watch our video to learn more.


I had no idea about the enormous tax savings that I still have available to me. My accountant knew nothing about the Defined Benefit Plan. I am saving close to $2MM in 10 years – tax deductible.


Edge Financial Advisors Client

Do You Qualify to Save an Unlimited Amount Each Year – Tax Deductible?

The Defined Benefit Plan is an IRS pre-approved retirement plan for high-income earners. 

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The Defined Benefit Plan Team


Meet Ed Meek and James Alexander, Defined Benefit Plan experts, at Edge Financial Advisors. As registered investment advisors, their mission is to design the future you want by
protecting and growing the wealth you have created. The Defined Benefit Plan may be the perfect way to accelerate your retirement. For a deeper dive into this IRS pre-approved retirement plan, visit Defined Benefit Plans.


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